From pencil to panel


When I begin work on a new episode of The Everyday Adventures of Mythology Girl, I always start with sketching out the storyline in my notebook. Although things quickly progress to digital format, I prefer to draw these initial images with a good old-fashioned pencil on some good old-fashioned paper. Then I scan the sketches and, using them as a guide, draw the images digitally on my iPad.

I noticed, as I was working this week, that I had an odd sense of loss as I moved from analog to digital. The faint rubbings-out and redrawings of the pencil sketches leave traces on the paper that bring the work alive. After transferring to the digital format, this vibrancy seems, at first, to be lost.


However, as the digital drawings develop, they have a clarity and a beauty all their own. The crispness of the clear, black lines brings a new energy. And once the colour is added, things lift off to a whole new level.


The final stages are the dialogue and narrative bubbles and the panel frame – usually of the same colour as that which is used in the image. The panel is now alive, full of energy, and ready to tell its part of the story!


The above images are from episode 7: Fame and Fortune.

You can catch up on all Mythology Girl’s previous episodes here.

Watch this space: episode 9 is coming soon!

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