Where do characters come from?

imageWhere do characters come from? And where are they going?

The heroine of my cartoon series, The Everyday Adventures of Mythology Girl, has come to London from a mysterious realm that, so far, has only been hinted at in the story. I suppose you could say that she has also come from a mysterious realm inside of me.

She first appeared after an intensive poetry writing month (NaPoWriMo). I was drawing a cartoon of all the different aspects that the poems touched upon, and there she was: “the mythological”.

5.3 Pizza DeliveryHer appearance was different to the way in which characters can often emerge when I write a story in prose. She was fully formed. All I had to do was find out a little more about her. I did this by starting to draw her adventures, one episode and then another. The Everyday Adventures of Mythology Girl was on the road!

In the early episodes, she showed me the immediate joys and challenges of arriving in a new place: shopping for shoes, buying cake from the cute guy at the bakery, making new friends, and trying to find a job. One of the things I discovered about her along the way is that she is a poet – especially fitting as she popped up during National Poetry Writing Month.

7.1As her adventures have progressed, her wider story has slowly emerged. She has come to London to escape the path that was laid out for her. But the Birds of Destiny are hot on her trail. The closer she gets to a life of fame and fortune, the closer they are to finding her.

Mythology Girl’s story has taken on a life of its own. From 4 panels in the first episode to a total of 14 in the most recent, the episodes themselves have grown in size as a reflection of this expansion. The latest episode is also the first one to receive a title page – very exciting!

9.14Where is Mythology Girl going? After exploring life in the “excellent metropolis” of London and setting off on a world tour, our heroine is about to embark on a journey to an altogether different realm, one that she has been avoiding for some time. I have some ideas about where she is headed. But I have a sense that there are all sorts of things she will show me along the way. Things that I can’t yet imagine. This is the adventure of following Mythology Girl.

You can catch up on the story so far here.

The latest episode of Mythology Girl’s adventures can be found here.

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