The Oracle is in!

2.2 grandmother oracle

Wise figures can turn up in all sorts of places, including cartoons. Sometimes, when we don’t seem to have the answers ourselves, these characters have all sorts of ideas and opinions that can prove very helpful indeed.

Characters like these have been popping up in my autobiographical cartoons for some time now. It’s no surprise, then, that one such figure has appeared in my ongoing cartoon series, The Everyday Adventures of Mythology Girl. Meet The Oracle (AKA Grandmother)! She likes to tell people their future. She sounds remarkably like a fortune cookie but is rarely wrong.

This week she is celebrating her 105th birthday and you are invited! Send her a birthday message and she’ll reply with an oracular greeting just for you!

2.3 straight to the point

2.4 Beware!

Mythology Girl has fled the Mythological realm and the destiny that was laid out for her there. She has arrived at the “excellent metropolis” of London, intent on creating her own destiny. She wants to make new friends, perform her poetry, and tour the world! Could it be that, this time, The Oracle is wrong?



You can read the latest episode of Mythology Girl’s adventures here.

And you can catch up on her previous adventures here.

Meanwhile, it’s time to celebrate! This week The Oracle (AKA Grandmother) has turned 105! Come and join the party! For the next week, if you send her a birthday message in the comments below or on Mythology Girl’s Facebook page, she’ll reply with an oracular message just for you!


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