Batman and me

File 10-12-2015, 12 07 07
Batman watches telly!

Keeping a daily diary in the form of a comic strip has been a lot of fun. Sometimes, however, there are only so many ways to depict yourself eating cereal or doing the laundry. It was time for a new spin on things.

The following variation comes from Lynda Barry’s tumblr:

For your daily diary this week you have  to draw yourself as Batman.  You go about your actual daily life, but you are dressed as Batman.

When Batman does the laundry or goes to a yoga class, things move to a whole new level of INTERESTING! I found myself laughing out loud to see Batman doing the same sorts of things that I do during the course of the day.

Many of us grew up reading Batman comics and watching him on screen. He took up residence in our psyches and imaginations. These ordinary moments had become something that everyone could potentially look at and recognise. The scenes I had drawn were no longer “mine”.

File 10-12-2015, 19 23 23
Batman does laundry!
File 10-12-2015, 12 06 54
Batman takes the tube!
File 10-12-2015, 12 08 59
Batman does yoga!

As I was drawing these comics, I remembered that Batman was my imaginary friend when I was a kid. He would go through my day with me, by my side, a reassuring presence. I have seen various Batman movies over the years, but it was through the act of drawing him that I reconnected with my childhood friend.

When I was 7 years old, I moved from London to New York City. Before the move, I would lie awake at night, afraid of the tall buildings. What if I got stuck in the elevator? What if I fell out the window? I needed my good friend, Batman, to come with me. And he did.

File 26-12-2015, 22 39 25
Batman and me

I’ll be posting my daily diary and other doodles over on my tumblr.

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