Tea with a good friend

Diary 3 tumblr

This week, in Comics: Art in Relationship, we’ve been adding an interesting element to the daily diary. Each day, Matt Silady, our inspiring course tutor, has encouraged us to explore relationships both between the images in each panel and between text and image within each panel.

I was at first a little daunted, never before having applied an element of comics theory to one of my actual comics. However, I was amazed to discover that each relationship quickly came alive once I started drawing. What’s more, as I tried out new relationships, I found that my scope as a comics-maker expanded.

Many of my diary comics so far have shown my character in her own little universe. In ‘Tea with a good friend’, I used a ‘subject-to-subject’ relationship which involved shifting from one character to the next as the panels progressed. This allowed me to explore relationship (between humans!) and interaction in a whole new way.

This comic is a thank you to the wonderful friends in my life. It is the greatest treasure to have people with whom you can simply be yourself!

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