She has forgotten

File 01-04-2016, 19 19 46

File 01-04-2016, 19 20 19File 01-04-2016, 19 20 30File 01-04-2016, 19 20 40File 01-04-2016, 19 20 09File 01-04-2016, 19 21 01File 01-04-2016, 19 20 50 It’s the first day of NaPoWriMo and I decided to launch straight in there with a piece of comics poetry. Inspired by tales of the selkies, I used material from a variety of sources: my own notebooks, the beauty section in Vogue magazine, and the folktales themselves.

Once I had gathered my written material, I got to work on the images while things were still chaotic and incomplete. I wanted the images to be an integral part of the poem rather than an accompaniment to something that already stood on its own. As a result, I found that the poem needed far less words than I had intended.

The end result – which still feels very much like a work in progress – was certainly greater than the sum of its parts. I have to agree here with Bianca Stone: ‘It’s not the poem, it’s not the drawing – it’s a new beast altogether!

For more comics poetry click here.

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