Dream Macaroni

eating macaroni

It seems as though the recipe is simple.
When you enter it you’ll be surprised;
the macaroni is a part of you
trying to communicate with water.

You were not really listening at cookery school;
to make a smooth sauce
you have to keep stirring time.
You have to dream like a pro.

It’s important to have a crunchy top,
light shining through breadcrumbs,
revealing the things that bubble away
beneath the cold salad of your mind.

Bathe in the atmosphere,
in the incredible cooking
of your own depths —
you can’t go wrong.

* * *

The prompt for today’s poem came from The Poetry School:

Take an A4 piece of lined paper and fold it down the middle. Write a topic heading at the top of one side of the paper and then write a contrasting topic heading at the top of the other. For each of your headings, free-write as much as you can around the topic. Now unfold your piece of paper and read across from left to right. Can you make any sense? Now write a poem in which you connect two things which might, at first glance, seem very different or not connected at all.

— Helen Mort, from Poetry and the Brain.

My two topics were dreamwork and macaroni cheese.

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