I slip into the in-between, the alleyways and underneaths. The world is full of turning wheels and blazing screens, full of people talking to themselves. You don't see me. Long before houses when the street was not a street but a field and before that a forest, I lived here. Still I roam free, dine with …

Chapter 4: The Great Rodeo in the Sky

In which our heroine meets old friends, takes part in the Great Rodeo in the Sky, and traverses the universe on the back of The Great Bull made of stars. I hope you have enjoyed 'The Cowgirl and the Golden Lasso'. Thanks for following our heroine on her adventures! You can catch up on previous chapters here.

Chapter 3: The Gypsy on the Moon

In which our heroine lands on the moon, eats Portuguese custard tarts with the moon-gypsy, and has her fortune read in the cards. To be continued... Join our heroine tomorrow for the concluding chapter: The Great Rodeo in the Sky! You can catch up on the story so far here and here.

Chapter 2: The Convention of the Birds

In which our heroine flies on the back of an Eagle, joins the Convention of the Birds atop a great mountain, and catches hold of the moon with her golden lasso. To be continued... Join our heroine tomorrow for Chapter 3: The Gypsy on the Moon! You can catch up on Chapter 1 here.

Chapter 1: The Cowgirl and the Golden Lasso

In which our heroine attempts to bale a barnful of hay, dances to the music of the fiddlers three, and is given a wondrous gift. The story continues tomorrow with Chapter 2: The Convention of the Birds! * * * I wrote this story for a dear friend, drawing on the experience of story-writing I had with …

Where was her skin?

Today I returned to an exploration of the selkie folk tale, 'Sealskin Soulskin'. The seal woman is missing a part of herself — her Soulskin — and she can't thrive without it. But just as she longs for this reconnection, the other seals, too, are waiting for her. She is pulled toward the sea. They …

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