Slowing down 


In December, everything seems to speed up in as if time is running out. Then, after Christmas, there is a pause. It can seem as though there’s no movement – the stillpoint of winter. 

All sorts of things can happen in a space where not much seems to be happening. All you need to do is retune your dial…

Seer in the Dark

The Drawing Mind by Deborah Putnoi is filled with drawing exercises that access an intuitive approach to creativity. So far, I have tried drawing with my eyes closed, with my left hand, even with my feet!

My favourite exercise from the book so far is drawing to slow music. It’s not surprising that this, in turn, slows down the speed at which you draw. Not knowing what comes next. Just following the pen as it moves across the page, a bit like following a dance partner as they lead you round the dance floor. 

One of the lovely things about this way of drawing is the feeling that you have all the time in the world. This expansive sense of time allows you to dive into the experience of drawing. 


The piece of music I chose for this exercise is 17minutes of 7hours by Don Li from the album, Orbital Garden. It is a beautiful piece that invites a meditative state of mind. And I found 17 minutes is a great length of time for a slow drawing. If you need longer you can always press repeat!


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