The Keeper of Dreams

Bear is no longer ordinary bear. He has become Spirit Bear, Keeper of Dreams!

After expanding into the world of colour over New Year, I felt I wanted to continue exploring new possibilities in the world of making art. A good friend told me about Get Messy — a wonderful online art journaling community, offering classes, prompts and inspiration all year round. After working with a fairly limited array of tools, I was attracted to the multi-medium approach of art journaling. The post-New Year winter months can often seem rather cold and bleak — a perfect time to indulge in a richness of colour and imagery.

I was particularly attracted to the Totems class because it is all about discovering your personal symbols and inviting them into your art and your life. Subjects include spirit animals, archetypes, the elements and the feminine. What great subjects! Each class includes a wealth of inspiration to help you on your way. Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd is a wonderful guide, sharing her own process and offering plenty of suggestions for ways in which to work with your own symbols.

Initially my Bear looked quite grounded and earthy

It has been a wonderful journey working with Bear. Along with way I experimented for the first time with gesso and acrylics. (Who knew how perfect the dryness of the acrylics would be for painting animal fur?) Pinterest came into its own as a place to gather some fantastic Bear illustrations, including my all-time favourite by Kay Nielsen for East of the Sun and West of the Moon

Initially my Bear looked quite grounded and earthy. I could feel his qualities of strength, protection, and wisdom. By the time the spread was complete, he had become Spirit Bear, connected with the stars and the magical realm of dreams.

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