Up here in my tree

When I was a girl, I would sit up in my favourite tree in the garden, my handbags hanging from different branches. These days I’m feeling a bit urban and cut off from nature. I could do with some elemental magic in my life!

I worked on this piece for the third class in the Totems online course. Despite the excellent guidance from our teacher, Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd, I seemed to be feeling my way along in the dark not knowing what was going to come next. At one point it felt very complicated, like I was trying to incorporate too many things into one spread. Then some gold ink arrived in the post yesterday – a surprise element. I painted the tree gold and everything became simple once again!

Amongst other things, art journaling seems to me to be a beautiful way to reconnect with parts of yourself that may seem distant. The time I spent on this piece felt like time spent in my childhood garden, up in my tree, connected to nature and all things. 


3 thoughts on “Up here in my tree

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