Art and colour open up my world

One of the things I love so much about being part of the Get Messy art community is the feeling of connection with artists all around the world. The forums are alive with conversation – about art tools and resources, what we’re working on, and what we’ve got planned in our creative lives. There is a lovely atmosphere of camaraderie and support – so important when much of the creative work goes on in our own company.

Recently, the feeling of connection has moved to a whole new level. We’ve been meeting up on Google Hangouts for a session of real time art making, otherwise known as the ‘Digi Make-a-thon’. All around the world, we are sitting at our desks and kitchen tables, playing with pens, paint and collage, whilst hanging out with friends we seem to have known forever, even though we’ve never met in “real life”.

This is one of the wonderful things about technology. The sense of being in the same room together was so strong that at one point, when someone couldn’t find their scissors, I nearly passed them my own!

I also really enjoyed not being able to think too much about what I was doing because I was busy talking and interacting. I painted some bright colours on the page, and then started sticking down some toadstools I had drawn a few days earlier. Before I knew it, things got pretty psychedelic which, it turns out, sums up how I feel about the explosion of art and colour that has happened in my life recently!

This was the second Digi Make-a-thon. The spread I made during the first meet-up emerged from the same atmosphere of not thinking too much, all the while talking and enjoying the company of some new and lovely friends.

Working with friends I’ve just met

not really thinking…

I’m so very glad to have stumbled across the Get Messy art journaling community! And I can’t wait for the next time we meet up together!

9 Replies to “Art and colour open up my world”

  1. Oh yes, this is just the best post!!!!! I was so nervous the closer the time to the make-a-thon and I almost chickened out. I am really quite the introvert and it is much easier for me to “talk” to people through commenting and writing. But, I decided probably many of the other get messians are introverts too, as artist often are, and we may all be just equally scared. If I didn’t join I would never know and then I would read back over the posts and hate myself for not overcoming my fear. You have been an absolute sweetheart to me and everyone else was too!!! I am so glad I put my big girl knickers on and joined in!!!!! Your work is beautiful and being able to get to know you on a more personal level, makes it even more bbeautiful!!!

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    1. Thanks so much, Deb! You know I felt encouraged to write this post about how wonderful I found the digi meet-up after I read your fb post! Because joining Get Messy really has been the most amazing experience! So thanks for being the inspiration.

      Also, I reckon you’re on to something about the introvert thing. In a way the meet up is so perfect because we’re all in our own space but together at the same time.

      It’s SO lovely getting to know you! And I’m looking forward to our next playtime together! Xxx

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