Season of Play (part 2)

It has been a wild ride through a universe of colour and imagination this season in my “guide to the universe” altered book. The pages I have made over the last few weeks have all been so much fun to make:

The Paintbrush of Power – this page was created for the tutorial I gave on the Get Messy member’s site. It’s all about turning yourself into a superhero using techniques from comics and cartoons. I love how the space background was the perfect scene for Art Woman to find herself!

Note to self: Take a moment to play! – It was a month of unpacking from one trip and then packing for the next with just about enough time to do some laundry in between. It was starting to feel like forever since I had played in my art journal. And then I thought: why not do a super fast collage? I spent five minutes ripping papers from my stash and sticking them down with a pritt stick and I have to tell you: IT FELT SO GOOD! This was a great reminder that you don’t need loads of time to make art.

Come rain or shine,
mysterious trails of light
connect my heart to joy.

I really enjoyed making this piece. I thought it was going to be another 5 minute collage but once I got going I took my time with it. I noticed that I’m feeling more adventurous in the realm of collage since last month’s Rituals class with Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd.

The Monstr of the Melting World!! – It’s not a typo. I just ran out of room to fit in all the letters. This happens to me all the time, but I have to say I quite like the word “monstr“!
This page was inspired by my monster prompt on the Get Messy member’s site. The backgrounds in my universe altered book are the perfect settings for creatures such as these.

There are text boxes dotted throughout the book. I have been covering most of them up but it felt perfect to leave this one visible because it is describing my monstr’s melting world. I didn’t realise this guy was going to turn out looking so friendly. But don’t be fooled. This is not a good monster to cuddle. He’s VERY hot!!!!

It has been pretty busy in my life these past weeks and I did not get as much time to play in my journal as I would have liked. But the time I did spend in there was truly wonderful. And the upside of not having yet finished my journal is that there are still plenty of pages left in there, ready for me to dive in whenever I want to play!

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