Season of Story (part 4)

The Season of Story at Get Messy Art Journal is drawing to a close. So I figured it was time to add a title to my art journal. Sometimes you just gotta have big bold letters! Here are the front and back covers, constructed out of an Anthropologie shopping bag. Initially I was using the handles of the bag to tie the book closed but they began to unravel! So I cut them off and sealed the edges with washi tape.

In this page, the influence of the Minimalist Art Journal 2.0 class with Caylee Grey was coming through. I hardly ever leave so much white space on the page but, as I’ve been taking this class, I’ve been getting more and more comfortable with it. Everything can breathe a little! (Note: I didn’t draw these lovely flowers. I cut them out of some gift wrapping paper.)

I made this page on my birthday, feeling grateful to my mum for bringing me into the world. Again, I left a lot of empty space and it seemed to me that this gave room to the feeling aspect of the page.

Back to my usual maximalism here! I got totally carried away with this page and ended up combining the wonderful tutorials from TC Larson on archetypes and Elly Mack on word windows. It’s rare for me to use photos of myself in my pages but the word windows mean the photos can be uncovered and then covered again!

Here’s a peek at the photos beneath the word windows for The Magical Child and The Rebel:

And here’s a peek at the photos beneath the word windows for The Seeker and Rebirth:

I have loved this season so much. It may well be my favourite season so far (with the Season of Fairytales coming a close second!) But it’s not quite over yet. I have 2 pages left in my art journal and I’d like to make a video flip-through of the whole journal. Stay tuned for another post in the next few days!

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