Rituals class – July

‘The magical forest’ — my solar spread for the July Rituals class with Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd. The theme for this month with was ‘Spirit’. When I am in the forest, I feel connected to nature, to myself, to magic, and to a bigger sense of the universe. When I am surrounded by the trees, I feel included in this big something, as if I am being hugged by it and brought closer to the heart of things.

The thin gold trees reminded me of Gustav Klimt, especially as I had just seen Rosie Rain‘s lovely posts about the Klimt class she is taking. This inspired me to continue with all the circles and triangles.

I used Liquitex gold ink for my gold. It’s an interesting ink because it can look quite flat, like a yellow ochre, but then when you shine the light on it: wow! A bit like the trees in the forest, when the sunlight catches them at a certain angle and they come to life in a whole new way.

‘Illumined by stars’ – my lunar spread for July. I loved this part of the class so much. As a teenager I was obsessed with medieval art and literature, particularly the Arthurian legends. To make a self portrait in the style of medieval icons was like a dream come true. I love how this ended up combining with a cartoony style. Old and new together! (I used Winsor and Newton gold ink for my gold).

I googled Medieval fonts. I drew letters inspired by the ‘Mael’ font and love how it adds to the medieval manuscript atmosphere. I meant to write the word “illuminated” but then ran out of room (as I often do). Fortunately “illumined” is a word!

The pages from both this month and last month feel like they are very much connected. I revisited the same places  – the forest and the starry sky – but from a slightly different angle.

The Rituals class is such a beautiful way to move through the calendar year. Each month there is a chance to reflect whilst also learning new techniques and trying out new materials. I am enjoying it tremendously!

Wishing you all a beautiful August!

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