Season of Story round up

Today I completed the last couple of pages in my Season of Story art journal. It is a very satisfying feeling to complete a journal!

“What is going on?” – It can be hard to tell your story when you’re in the thick of it. Sometimes you need a little perspective in order to even know what just happened. Only then can you say what the story was.

This is my story – the final page in my Season of Story journal says the same thing as the first. And yet a whole journey has happened in between. That’s how it often is in stories; we arrive back at the same place but we ourselves are not the same.

Here’s a peek back at the first page, painted with the same materials – Liquitex muted collection inks.

Another satisfying thing about completing an art journal is being able to make a flip-thru video. When each image is viewed separately, you can lose the sense of it being part of a whole.I love these little videos because they give a sense of the “book-ness” of the art journal. Here is a flip-thru of my art journal for the Season of Story:

While I have enjoyed each new season at Get Messy, I think this has been my favourite season yet. (With Season of Fairytales coming a close second!)

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, whatever you are doing,

Divyam xxx

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