The Tale of the Silent Woman

This story was written and illustrated over the 100 days and nights of the 100dayproject 2018. I began on day 1 with no idea what the story would be about. Each day I turned up and imagined what happened next. Before long, the story had a life of its own and I did my best to keep up with it!

Many of you followed the story each week as I posted about it here on the blog and I can’t thank you enough for all your support and encouragement. In many moments I had the feeling I was sitting round the fire sharing this story with you all under a sky of sparkling stars.

Now you can follow the whole of The Silent Woman’s journey as she sets off to retrieve her voice which has been stolen by the North Wind. Her journey takes her up into the mountains, down into the depths of the sea and even into the Land of the Dead. On her way, she encounters the Owl Woman, the Queen of the Sea, her female ancestors, and a monk who has been guarding the Stone of Silence for over a thousand years.

In this video I am telling the story as I turn the pages of the little handmade book I made especially for this project. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Special thanks to Misty Granade for encouraging me right through the project and for requesting I make this video! Misty, this one’s for you!

This story is for you and for all of us who are finding and using our true voices.

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