The joy of inchie art

At the very start of the Season of Seasons, I took part in the #oneinchwonders2018 challenge hosted by Debbie Bamberger – 14 days of creating art no bigger than an inch! I was late to join because, for several days, I watched all these incredible tiny masterpieces appearing on instagram in utter disbelief that I could make art that small myself. Eventually, I couldnt resist the urge to dive in and discover whether my fears were based in reality. (Spoiler alert: they weren’t!)

Here are all 14 of the one inch wonders I created for this challenge!

Several days in to the challenge, I discovered the great joy that is one-inch poetry. I enjoyed making these little poems so much, several of my “inchies” ended up being poems.

The last few days of the challenge were very much influenced by the time I spent at the Wild Woman Summer Camp at EarthHeart UK – out in nature, sitting by the fire, under the stars and the big beautiful moon…

I’m not sure why I decided I could never make art this small. Where do these ideas come from that tell us what we can and can’t do? I’m so glad I decided to join in and test out these limiting beliefs. Taking part in this challenge opened up a whole new range of creative possibilities.

I look forward to returning to working small, especially to writing more tiny poems! In the meantime, check out the incredible inchie art created by my friends and fellow artists under the hashtag #oneinchwonders2018.

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