Season of Seasons

The Season of Seasons is drawing to a close over at Get Messy. This season, we have been working in found journals. My found journal was a booklet of songs written for a three part female choir, composed by Kenneth Leaper. It’s called ‘Ten Faces of the Goddess’ and when I saw it I knew it was perfect for this season!

The song titles are so inspiring — I sit in the golden circle, Whoever sees my mazy wreath of hair, I rise resplendent — to name but a few! I used each title as a prompt and left the words visible at the top of each page.

The song on this first page (above) is called ‘I sit in the golden circle’ and it seemed the perfect place to try and express something of what it was like sitting with a circle of women round the fire at the EarthHeart UK wild woman summer camp.

Oh stars up in the sky
Can I bring you home with me?
Oh fire burning warm and golden,
Can I bring you home with me?
Oh earth beneath my feet,
Can I bring you home with me?
Oh circle of women around me,
Can I bring you home?
Oh big beautiful moon,
Can I bring you home?

This warm cup of tea
Drunk by the fire
Tastes like the best tea in the world.

Winter is in my bones — The title of the song on this page is: “Whoever sees my mazy wreath of hair”. I intended to create a page filled with memories of summer, caught in my hair, so that I could take them with me into the colder months. But I was in a wintry mood while I was making this page and this is what happened instead!

The moon carries my moods on her back — this page came out of Tiffany Julia’s wonderful lunar emotions tutorial. I have one more segment of my lunar calendar to fill in but I kind of like the idea of leaving it blank. It reminds me of the white of the moon and is a blank slate in which anything is possible!

This map of winter was created for my tutorial on the Get Messy member’s site. There is something so magical about winter and yet at the same time it can be quite challenging when the celebratory months are over and the cold seems to get colder and the dark, darker. I thought I would create a map to remind me of the good aspects of this season and to help remind me that it does indeed border on The Land of Spring!

Better to be a tortoise — this page is about that moment where the season is changing but I feel a reluctance to go with it, like I’m unprepared for the change that is happening. This often occurs when winter is giving way to spring. But I’m feeling it at the moment too, as summer is almost definitely over and autumn is taking hold. Don’t get me wrong: I love autumn! In fact it might be my favourite season…

I am your Goddess! — this page was inspired by the wonderful seasonal collage tutorial by Moriah Costa . Behold the goddess of the seasons, bringer of change, she who adorns the earth with flowers and fruit and she who strips it down to the bare bones of winter.

I rise, resplendent — the titles of the songs in my found art journal are the most amazing prompts! This title made me think of the seasons of night and day and the sun rising after a long dark night.

Have you ever been lost in the forest? – This page was made using my new trees stencil. Next to each tree I’ve written a different kind of forest. There are many different kinds of forests to get lost in: hopes, dreams, plans, and desires. Also fears, worries, sorrows, and illusions. Or how about the forest of the internet? I get lost in that forest regularly!

If you look into my eyes — as both these pages had song titles about looking, I imagined the two opposite seasons of summer and winter facing each other.

And so the world keeps on turning — the last page of my Season of Seasons journal. I had a lot of fun working with a bold palette of black and white after using so much colour throughout this journal. I added a few little touches of gold gel pen too, although they look almost white in this photo!

Thank you so much for joining me for this tour through my Season of Seasons journal. Here is a video of me flipping through its pages, including the front and back covers. You can also catch a glimpse of the original title in its beautiful font on the inside of the front cover.

Wishing you all a beautiful autumn!

2 Replies to “Season of Seasons”

  1. What a perfect booklet for this Season Divsy…you were clearly meant to have found it 👏👏👏 You know how inspiring I find all your work however I think this Season is really special. The inspiration you’ve taken from each song title is brilliant and the way you’ve described your feelings. I love each and every one…amazing talent! 😊xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely message, Gilly! I agree I could not have found a more perfect booklet for this season! The song titles were fizzing with inspiration. I’m so glad you loved these pages. And I’m really touched by your kind and generous words! Lots of love xxx


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