Arty morning pages

For many years, I started my day with Julia Cameron‘s morning pages. Writing three sides of A4 paper, stream of consciousness, without stopping to think or edit, is a great way to clear your mind and step into the day. Recently I had been feeling a bit unfocused each morning and yet I didn’t feel drawn to doing a written form of the morning pages. My friend and fellow Messian, Lotte Firlefanz, inspired me to do an arty version instead. Yes!

I have a simple art kit next to my bed so that I can get drawing straight away without having to search around for materials: some watercolours, water brushes, and a couple of pens. Water brushes are an amazing invention. You fill up the barrel with water and give them a little squeeze when you need some more water on your brush. Genius!

My friend, the lovely Emily Mulroney, (another fabulous Messian!) recommended the Midori MD Notebook which has a staggering 176 pages and paper that is somehow thin and yet able to take whatever watery paint you throw at it. I was ready to go!

Many of the pages in this journal are taking the form of comics diaries, recording what is on my mind or what has been happening recently. I am also using this project as an opportunity to practice some of the approaches and techniques I am learning at the moment. For example, this fox came from Ed Emberley’s, Drawing Book of Animals.

These scribbles are inspired by the wonderful Messy Marks class with Torrie Lynn (aka Fox + Hazel) which recently came out on the Get Messy member’s site.

The houses and teacups below are very much inspired by August Wren‘s 100 Days of Drawing which I have been working through at night. It is a guided sketchbook which takes you through all sorts of simple and beautiful ways to make art. I’ve been finding it very relaxing to unwind in this way at the end of the day!

Thank you for joining me on this tour through my arty morning pages!

Divyam xxx

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