Season of Ubuntu (part 3)

The last two weeks have sped by so fast! The clocks have changed, night is drawing in so much earlier, and the days seem so much shorter. Meanwhile, the leaves are falling from the trees, leaving puddles the colour of fire around their roots.

This point in the season felt like the perfect moment for my latest tutorial to appear on the Get Messy member’s site. It’s all about creating 3-word poems and broadcasting them across the page with bold lettering. I’ve been wanting to get back into writing poems for some time now and I think these tiny poems may be just the ticket!

I created a series of pages combining the prompts from Alicia Schultz and Clare Davis Etheridge — celebrating the communities I belong to and the joy they bring to my life. This page is all about my wonderful Iyengar yoga community. You can see more of the art inspired by my yoga practice here.

This page is all about Treesisters and the amazing work they do empowering women and girls and reforesting the planet. The frames in this series come from a book of vintage frame designs I found at my local second hand bookshop.

This page is all about  EarthHeart UK and the deeply nourishing women’s work I have done with Jewels Wingfield there.

This page is all about Get Messy and the incredible richness this amazing group of artist friends has brought to my life. My creativity has expanded immeasurably since I joined this wonderful community just less than 2 years ago. I feel like I have found my artistic tribe.

You can read more about my love for all these communities and the inspiration they have brought to my art here.

Drink the dawn – I often end up using a bold colour palette in the pages of my art journal. This tiny poem is set in the very early morning, when everything looks soft and the day hasn’t yet some into focus. I wanted to use a gentler palette and watercolours seemed perfect for this. My tea-cup ended up shining like the sun itself, which pretty much sums up how I feel about that first cup of tea in the morning!

Girl dances crone — I love how impossible a task it seems to create a poem with only three words. And yet, how often we see news headlines that do just that – creating a story and drawing us into a whole world with very few words. I like the fact that this poem is a little mysterious. It could mean so many different things depending on how you read it. I wanted to create a look similar to a vintage movie poster with Broadway lights. I rubbed pencil along the inside edge of the page border to create a vignette effect.

Yes you.
You matter.
Your presence matters.
What you care about matters.
Your thoughts and words.
Your feelings and actions.
They all matter.
So keep loving what you love.
And doing what you do.
Because no one does it quite like you.
You matter.

I was so excited to be at the Messy London gathering this past Friday, I could hardly make any art! It was so incredible to be in the same room as so many arty friends, seeing them in 3D real life! Just wow. When I finally settled down, I was able to make this page out of strips from a collection of washi tape at the centre of our table. Such a fabulous day. It will stay with me for many moons to come!

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