Poetry art journal 2.0 (part 1)

Last year, several poetically-inclined artists from the Get Messy community started a collaboration inspired by our favourite poems. We all had a fabulous time making art in each other’s journals. You can see some of the pages I created for this collaborations here and here.

Unfortunately, most of the journals went missing in the post and so never made it back home to the artists that created them. But we are a courageous lot, and this did not stop some of us from going on to embark on a second poetry art journal collaboration.

The theme for my journal was found poetry, including forms such as blackout poetry and cut up poetry. I was feeling particularly excited about this as I have been itching to get back into writing poetry lately.

I first became
a dark-lipsticked girl
drawn to mysticism
more than twenty years back,
seduced by tarot cards,
folktales, and the moon.

The moon is streetlights,
fog lamps, a siren,
a woman painting a woman.
The moon is a yoga-looking woman,
the art lady from prison
at the front door.

New Beauty Hack Spell – a page of cut up poetry taken from a vogue article on top beauty hacks!

Flash flutter mist
Dab fantastic
Smudge smudge edge
Perfect plastic.
Shining crimp look
Dry dimension
Jagged primer
INS-TAN-T systems.
Your gloss a-glow
The new dream light
Magnificent beauty
Patch over time.

Lonesome Song – a blackout poem created in Serena Kaba‘s found poetry journal. The amazing skull on the right is from a wonderful napkin Serena included when she sent her journal. It totally influenced the poem I found. As you can probably tell!

The sky ignored me
for I don’t know how long.
I flap my arms
at the sudden cold.
I am pleading purple fingers
and a flown away house.

The Artist

In morning fog,
she has a chair
a flask,
a misted dream.
I come home
to the fire
in her brush,
my feet too long,
my arms too wide.

Inspired by celestial visions,
The 100 year olds dive into
The blue energy of night.

A found poem made from random words that caught my attention while flicking through a vogue magazine. In Cindy Jay’s ‘s beautiful handmade journal.

I got so carried away making this poem that I didn’t clock that the theme of this journal wasn’t found poetry at all! Cindy’s journal was all about a beautiful Mary Oliver poem called ‘Red Bird’.

Fortunately it’s a pretty cosmic poem and so I was able to work with the page I had already made. Here is take two:

“…and I am of the inexplicable
beauty of heaven,
where I fly so easily…”

I have loved playing around with poetry in this second round. You can check out some of the other pages in this collaboration under the hashtag #poetryartjournalcollab.

I can’t wait to see the new bunch of journals that will be making their way to me in the new year!

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