Rituals class – November

The November Rituals class was all about gratitude which felt like a breath of fresh air in the midst of a rather intense month! My solar spread was all about feeling grateful for the many wonderful things in my life.

The technique we were working with this month was journaling, with many different options to obscure the words if we didn’t want them to be legible. To start with, I covered the whole page with writing. Then I wrote five big words on top that summed up the things I was grateful for: love, friendship, health, wisdom, and creativity.

I loved the way the words looked in all their different colours, layered on top of each other. I could have left the page just as it was. But I wanted to include myself  in the picture so I added a self-portrait. I got totally carried away with the drawing and ended up covering most of the words. I love how they create such a rich background for the page.

In the end it all came down to a big feeling of thanks and a feeling of joy.

My lunar page for November is all about not feeling grateful. There are some things in life that I don’t feel happy about or thankful for. What makes this phenomenon worse is the pressure (from my inner parents?) that I should nevertheless be grateful and that I am a bad person if I’m not.

Here, the words were much more of a focus. I love this technique of layering the words on top of each other so that thet are visible and, at the same time, illegible.

The lunar pages are often quite challenging because they mean facing the aspects I don’t usually want to show in my art. This page was no exception. But to express this hidden aspect in some way feels very satisfying. Big thanks to Vanessa for always encouraging us to go deeper in this class!

I can’t believe there is only one month left of this incredible class. What a wonderful way it has been to move through the year with intention and creativity at my side.

Wishing you all a good December!

Divyam xxx

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