Season of Freedom (part 1) – A Tropical Vacation

I was fortunate enough to spend the first three weeks of the Get Messy Season of Freedom on a tropical beach holiday in Barbados and Antigua. I wanted to pack light so I took with me a single slim sketchbook to act as a written diary and art journal combined.

I also brought with me a teeny tiny art kit: a small watercolour set, a water-brush, and a black drawing pen.

I wasn’t sure what form the art aspect of the journal would take, but my pen seemed to decide all on it’s own. Without stopping to think, my first entry included a cartoon of our plane journey. So it was decided: this was going to be a comics diary!

Here are a few of the comics from our trip:

Including the strange and sudden effects of jet lag:

The beautiful warm sea was definitely the main attraction:

Note to self: try on your holiday clothes before packing!

There were a few stressful moments:

But within 2 minutes of being in the sea, all problems seemed to melt away!

The moment when we learned that Mullins Beach Bar has closed. This bar was the heart and soul of Mullins Beach for many years. Thank you for the wonderful times. We are sorry to see you go!

I tried to keep off my phone as much as possible. It was interesting how difficult this was at times!

This is what breakfast looked like. The banana family is very well represented here. Did you know banana is officially a herb?

One of the things I loved most was the feeling of my bare feet in the sand…

The next comic shows our last afternoon on Enterprise Beach, our favourite beach in Barbados. But even though it was farewell to this beautiful island, we weren’t going home yet! The next day we were flying to Antigua for the second leg of our journey. Who knows what magical beaches we were going to discover there?

Okay, so it turns out rum punch is really strong!

Lunch at Sheer Rocks took my breath away. Sitting on our own little balcony, looking out at the sea…

Keerti the snorkeller:

It turns out sunbathing is more of a fine art than I imagined:

On our last day, I put my sneakers on for the journey home and had to take them off at the airport. Too confining!!!!

I’m so happy that I have this comics diary of our beach holiday. These drawings capture the feeling of these special moments better than my photographs!

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