Season of Freedom (part 2) – The new year

During the Season of Freedom I have been working across a variety of journals: I created a comics diary for my trip to the Caribbean, I continued working in my tiny Season of Ubuntu journal, and I also worked on loose sheets of paper.

I feel unfamiliar – self-portrait drawn with eyes closed on a loose sheet of paper. The idea for this page came from my prompt on the Get Messy member’s site . Somehow I managed to capture what I was feeling on the inside, better than I would have done with my eyes open!

2019 here we come! – this page was inspired by the final lesson of the Messy Marks class with Fox + Hazel which is all about layering marks on top of each other. The girl in the flower and the yellow shapes in the bottom right corner are two of the many beautiful collage ephemera that came with the stunning first edition of Empower Arts magazine.

Breath in – I created this page on the first day of the new year. Amidst all the plans and resolution-making, only one thing seemed to make sense: Breath in! (And breathing out, too, of course!) The words, the shining star, and the beautiful girl are more lovely collage elements that came with the stunning first edition of Empower Arts.

I drew additional inspiration from the final lesson of the Messy Marks class with which was all about layering marks and working with a colour palette so it doesn’t get too chaotic. I didn’t know if I’d overdone it but I just kept going!

It’s happening now – I created this page for my Season of Freedom tutorial on the Get Messy members’ site. It’s all about freeing up our art by working as fast as we can without stopping to think, then working incredibly slow and, finally, bringing these two extremes together to create a page of opposites. I had a lot of fun making this one, especially as it’s all about the process!

What Now? – I love those spaces in between projects where there’s room to drift and dream up something new. But much as I long for this freedom from structure, it can also be disconcerting. Like what if nothing ever happens again? (When you say it out loud like that, it does sound a little ridiculous!)

The background of this page is made from collaged wrappers from my Who Gives a Crap beautiful bamboo toilet paper. Art journaling is one of the best forms of recycling I know!

The houses are dreaming – I’m not sure if those are stars or snowflakes. But that is definitely the moon and she’s dreaming too…

Winter – one of the things I love most about making art in The Doodle Cafe is the wonderful meetings and conversations it inspires. Last time I was there, I got talking over this page with Jan, a beautiful elder woman from New Zealand. We spoke about the magical quality of winter and she told me of a journey she made up snowy mountains to discover a secret lake.

The lacy patterns on this page are inspired by Cait Sherwood’s ‘s wonderful tutorial in The Minimalist Art Journal 2.0.

Home – isn’t it amazing how art can transport us? Painting this picture, sitting at my desk in London, I felt I was out in the forest, in a little cottage nestled among the trees.

Always spring comes again – when I was at Uni, I played the part of the High Priestess in a wonderful play called ‘The Grand Tarot’ by Charles Ludlam. I sang a song in one of the scenes that has stayed with me ever since:

‘Always spring comes again bearing life.
Always, always, forever and again.’

Once again, the collage elements on this page come from Empower Arts Magazine.

There’s always time for a cup of tea – you guessed it! This lovely teacup sticker is from Empower Arts.  Can you tell how much I love their gorgeous ephemera?

I could think of no better quote for the final page of my Ubuntu journal than this one from Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Books of Magic’.

You can see a video flip-thru of the entire Season of Ubuntu journal here.

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