The Painted Diaries – January

This year I am embarking on The Painted Diaries – a daily art project with the lovely and inspiring  Riet Poch.  We will be making art every day during 2019 with a different theme each month.

In preparation, I bought 4 packs of 3 of these wonderful A5 sketchbooks from Cass Art, not realising they included two different greys as well as a black sketchbook. I thought it would be fun to start the year with the lighter books and progress to black, finishing the year with a black belt in the martial art of daily art-making!

The theme for January was blind contour drawing. This method of drawing involves looking only at the object you are drawing without glancing down at the paper to see how it’s going. You can also do semi-blind contour drawing where you do look down every now and again. But I decided to go for it (eek!) and didn’t look at the page until I was done. The results were always surprising and before long, I grew to love the wonkiness of my drawings.

The gift within this method is that I never usually take so much time to really look at the things I want to draw. It felt very meditative.

After using all the different colours to surround my blind contour drawings, I was surprised to find I loved the black background the best.

I also found it funny that the object I spend so much time with – my phone – turned out to be the “worst” drawing!

I made this drawing at the Doodle Cafe one Sunday morning. I thought you might like to see the actual cup of tea and cake I was drawing. Somehow the deliciousness came out in the drawing, don’t you think?

One of the things I found amazing about these blind contour drawings is how even though they weren’t remotely accurate they somehow captured the energy or feeling of the things I was trying to draw.

After sticking to a single colour with each drawing for the entire month, I suddenly branched out near the end and went for a multi coloured effect (and lost my black border in the process.) Riet had just made her announcement that next month’s theme is all about colour and I got pretty excited about it!

On the last day I continued to experiment and used silver ink instead of watercolour. I also changed to a brush pen and really liked the effect, although it’s harder to tell if the tip of the brush is actually touching the page when you aren’t looking!

I have loved making these blind contour drawings this month. I have learned so much about seeing the things I want to draw and have loosened up any sense I might have had about trying to “get it right”! I can’t wait for the next month’s theme to start!

Check out the hashtag #ThePaintedDiaries to see some awesome interpretations of each month’s theme from my fellow artists!

Wishing you all a wonderful February,

Divyam xxx

Please note: Unfortunately registration for this daily art project is closed.

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