East Wind Melts the Ice

After creating a sketchbook specially for the micro-seasons creative journey project, I suddenly felt very unsure of myself. After all, I am not a nature sketcher, or even a sketcher at all. What’s more, I don’t “know anything” about plants and trees and flowers. How can I commit myself to a year of paying attention to nature and attempting to draw it?

Then I remembered: this is exactly why I am doing this project in the first place! I want to feel more connected to the natural world that surrounds me in my everyday life. So I went for a walk round my local park on the lookout for nature and pretty soon I had created the first page in my journal:

I saw these beautiful catkins on the Plane trees in the park. They have been there for weeks (perhaps months?) But I only noticed them today because I was looking with fresh eyes. And I only knew for sure that it was a Plane tree because I looked it up on my Woodland Trust tree identifying app (which I can heartily recommend!)

What are you noticing in the natural world around you this week? Are there any changes you can see taking place? Or perhaps something that might not be new exactly but is new to you because you just saw it for the first time?

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