Dormant Creatures Start to Twitch

I felt so joyous when I came across these snowdrops, like lanterns lighting the way to spring. I’ve been walking through the local park almost every day since I moved to Crouch End a couple of years ago. But I feel that it’s only now I am starting to actually see the park. Since I started this creative journey, I am like a nature detective seeking out signs of change!

The 72 seasons app calls this second micro-season “The Nightingale Sings”. Some of the names in Liza Dalby’s book are different. For example this one: “Dormant Creatures Start to Twitch”. This time, I went with Liza Dalby’s title as I am feeling a bit like a dormant creature who is starting to twitch!

Check out this lovely page on Liza Dalby’s website where she lists the micro-seasons along with a photo from nature which you can click and enlarge.

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