The Painted Diaries – February (part 2)

Things have been warming up this last week in The Painted Diaries with some reds, pinks, oranges and yellows. I am finding it so therapeutic spending this time sticking scraps of paper down onto the page, without having to think about what I’m trying to say or what it means!

It is so lovely to feel the qualities of each colour. The first 10 days of February with their purples, blues and greens, were very calming.  This week feels vibrant and enlivening. Spending time with each colour in this way, I feel as though I have the chance to really drink it in.

Here they are, the stars of the show!

Special thanks to Serena Kaba who sent me many of the scraps of paper here, in particular the red skull and many of the beautiful yellow papers. Thanks also to Charlotte Anderson who made the gorgeous galaxy sticker (Feb 14). And there are some wonderful pieces on Feb 12 from the Empower Arts Magazine collage sheets that came along with their glorious first issue.

Next stop: neutrals!

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