The Painted Diaries – February (part3)

After journeying with so many bright and vibrant colours this month, it felt so relaxing to move into the rich terrain of neutrals and earth tones:

Out of all the colours I explored this month, grey surprised me the most. When I looked through the scraps I had placed into the grey box, it seemed as if there was no grey at all. Instead I was looking at delicate shades of lavender, pink, turquoise, and blue. This was a real eye opener!

One of the great side effects of this month’s theme is my growing collection of teeny tiny scraps which have their very own box. (Thanks Gilly Welch for inspiring me with your magnificent scraps box!)

I had the perfect opportunity to delve into this box of treasures when it came to the last day. I had run out of individual colours. Time to make a page with the entire rainbow!

I have LOVED this month of diving deep into colour. Each page has felt so relaxing to create. And it has felt so therapeutic to take in each colour in this way. When I need a dose of refreshing green or calming blue, a tickle of pink or the stillness of grey, I shall be opening this book once again and taking a good long drink of whichever colour I need.

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