The Painted Diaries – March (part 3)

I love it that poetry is back in my life. I have a feeling it will continue to make an appearance in my art journal pages even after this month is done. Here are my watercolour found poems for the last week in The Painted Diaries:

I love how even though I think I am writing two separate poems, the two of them start having a conversation with each other.

Sometimes these two viewpoints can feel like they work against each other. When in doubt, I try and stick with the second one:

Poem 1

Poem 2

I’m going to try this next time I’m obsessing about something that is keeping me awake into the small hours!

Two poems about things which are hidden or not yet revealed:

Poem 1

Poem 2

Thanks so much for joining me for this week’s found poems. You can see my previous Painted Dairies posts here.

Check out all the amazing watercolour pages being made this month by my fellow artists as part of The Painted Diaries project with Riet Poch.

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