The 100 day project 2019

Does anyone else have a decision making process that looks like this? I’ve spent at least three weeks trying to tell myself that I am NOT taking part in the 100 day project this year. I have loads of good reasons such as the fact that I’m travelling too much and have too many other art projects on the go. But none of these seem to matter because something in me – my inner chunky sketchbook? – WANTS to do it!

My new sketchbook (which is the cutest square chunky sketchbook by Seawhite) informs me we are doing 100 days of diary comics. Who am I to argue?

The project starts on April 2nd. I’ll be drawing one diary comic panel a day for 100 days. I’ll be posting daily on instagram under the hashtag #divyams100daysofdiarycomics and weekly here on the blog. Here goes… Wish me luck!

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