The Painted Diaries – April (part 3)

I keep thinking I am going to run out of textured material. But it would seem that textures are everywhere, and so are The Queens.

Here are the queens that appeared in my art journal this week. Enjoy!



Crayon (neocolor I)

Lace (and puffy hearts!)

Gelli prints

Sheet music


2 Replies to “The Painted Diaries – April (part 3)”

  1. I love your Queens! This is an especially wonderful batch for today–The Queen of Storms, blowing my doors open! Whoa, yeah.
    The Queen of Leaves, we are all breathing the same air, and The Queen of Connection, meeting us at the crossroads, are also fabulous and resonate a lot with me today! Thanks. Perhaps I will make my own Queen card–The Queen of Chaos. But feel free if that one inspires you, too–(I don’t think you’ve done that one yet?) 🙂


    1. I’m so glad these queens are resonating with you, Melody! Yeh!!! You should definitely make your own Queen card. The Queen of Chaos sounds amazing! (I’d love to see!!!) xxx


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