The Painted Diaries – April (part 4)

When I began taking part in The Painted Diaries back in January, I had no idea that this project would become the backbone of my art practice. Each month our inspiring host, Riet Poch, announces a new theme which keeps things interesting and provides many opportunities to jump out of our artistic comfort zones and learn something new.

This was just such a month. I don’t usually use 3D texture in my work and I so I was initially unsure how to proceed when I heard that April was going to be all about texture. Then the idea to create The Queens popped into my head and a whole new avenue opened up in my art.

What an incredible month it has been. I think it is my favourite so far. I have loved each Queen as she has appeared in the pages of my art journal. I can imagine that this is not the last I will see of them! Here are the Queens from this last week in April. Enjoy!

Watercolour, Acrylic ink, gel pen

Tissue paper, washi tape, card

Acrylic paint with Stipling brush




The poem I wrote out for her dress is one of my favourite poems of all time, Ithaka by C.P. Cavafy. You can read the full poem here.

Thanks for joining me on my journey through The Painted Diaries. I look forward to sharing May’s pages with you which are going to be all about being inspired by another artist. In the meantime, check out #ThePaintedDiaries for a look at how so many of us have interpreted the same theme in different ways.

2 Replies to “The Painted Diaries – April (part 4)”

  1. I love it! There’s your Queen of Chaos! “Let the swirling mist rearrange your mind.” Thanks, that’s exactly what’s happening!
    Ha, I haven’t made one yet, funny–I think oh, I have some time after this weekend, when my schedule opens up a little and isn’t so chaotic–hmm, do I have that backwards? The Queen of Contradiction/Contrariness is strong right now, too! Feel free if that inspires you, in the meantime, maybe I’ll try that Q of Chaos today–and not to forget also, the Queen of Storms, which I really think about a lot, she’s blowin’ my doors open for sure.
    Also, another important Queen, The Queen of Poetry! The Cavafy poem, wonderful . . . and the Queen of Scraps, and Sunshine–and well, all of them.

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    1. I’m glad you can relate to so many of these queens!!! I love your queen of contradiction/contrariness! Yes, I can relate to that too! And isn’t that Cavafy poem just wonderful! Glad you enjoyed that too. xxx

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