Micro-seasons creative journey – April

Spring is so abundant! The buds on the trees are turning into leaves and flowers. New blooms are popping up all over the place. I have felt spoiled for choice each time I add a new entry in my micro-seasons journal.

Here are April’s micro-seasons, recording  just a few of the changes going on around me and within me. I’ve been playing around with the style and materials and trying to make sure I keep true to my intention for this journal, which is to get out into nature more!

When I came out of my yoga class, this flower overwhelmed me with its intense vibrant pink. Pow! I have been feeling strangely energised, as if hit by a bolt of lightning. Spontaneous dancing and singing and moments of creative inspiration!

The giant Etrog tree in my sister’s garden welcomed me when I came to visit. The huge Citrus Medica fruit hanging from the branches like lanterns filled with golden light. To me, it looked like something from another world. I was the swallow arriving on her doorstep. A week of joy.

“Is it bluebell season already?” I was a goose flying north to be with some of the beautiful women from my women’s circle. All along the side of the railway tracks, bluebells were springing up through the tall grasses saying a gentle dancing hello. A long journey but so worth it.

Sitting in the wild garden on a sunny spring day. Burning “Love” incense, drinking rooibos tea. Birds chirping, wind blowing the willow branches. Making friends with the pear tree and the cherry blossom.

When I first created my micro-seasons journal, my idea was to use this project as a way to get outdoors more, connecting with nature. Up until now, while I have certainly felt I am paying more attention to the changes going on around me, all of my drawings have been made indoors from photos snapped while on my walks through the park.

Today I sat outside in our wild garden and drew what I saw there. It felt so wonderful to BE in the garden, hearing the sounds and feeling the sun and the breeze. It’s interesting that my nature drawing is a little more chaotic than usual, perhaps reflecting some of the aliveness and connection I felt today sitting in my garden. The wild garden. The Witches Garden

Quite an intense few days, busy with yoga classes and workshops and with comings and goings. Feeling a mixture of tired and energised and also playful. On my walks, crowds of daisies smile up at me. They were my favourite flowers when I was a girl.

dream of the daisies (a poem)

crowding together
climbing together
piling on top
on top of each other
to get to the sun
to get to the sun
yellow hearts
soft and furry
singing singing
we want to come close to you!
huddling together
white petals flapping
hearts sturdy and strong
climbing climbing
always striving
covering the grass
dreaming of the day
of reaching the sky
making a chain
leading right to the sun
oldest friend
oldest friend
we want to come close to you!
huddling climbing
dreaming reaching
hearts sturdy and strong
until one day eating eating
the big yellow sponge cake
the sun has been baking
all these years
up up up
inside the blue.

I had my first walk in the park in over a week and was blown away by how lush and green everything had become in such a short space of time! The horse chestnut tree in particular amazed me. Out of those tightly packed buds had burst these HUGE leaves and flowers. I felt like a great aunt who says, “I remember you when you were only this small. My, how you’ve grown!”

Thanks for joining me on this journey through the micro-seasons. Wishing you all a lovely May!

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