The Painted Diaries – May (part 1)

May in The Painted Diaries is all about artist inspiration. This month, I’ll be sitting in the classroom with Friedensreich Hundertwasser, hoping to learn from his incredible shapes, lines, colours, and his love for and connection to the earth.

I have never worked with an artist in this way before. I feel like I am stepping inside his art, trying out new ways of working, and absorbing new ideas. I am hoping some of this inspiration will become my own and will inform and expand what is possible within my art.

My main point of reference is the Taschen book on Hundertwasser by Harry Rand. I owned it years ago and used to spend hours drinking in the beautiful colour paintings. I recently found a copy of the book again and had been planning on spending some time bringing Hundertwasser’s influence into my art journal. Then the theme for this month was announced. What perfect timing!

Luminous trees

Organic spirals

I intended to make an ink drawing with no added colour. I obviously have no self-control!

Magical houses


Colour palettes

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