100 days of diary comics (week 6)

I’ve had a few moments this week where  haven’t had a clue what to make a comic about! My mind goes completely blank. I have to take a few minutes to sit and think over my day. Something must have happened that I can make a comic about?! Sure enough, there always is, but it takes a shift in what I consider to be interesting.

Although of course there are always the days when people tell you what to make a comic about (see the comic below about my cousin’s bat-mitzvah!)

Where does the phrase “raining cats and dogs come from?” It seems there are many possible origins. I like this one from worldwidewords.org: “It seems that cats were at one time thought to have influence over storms, especially by sailors, and that dogs were symbols of storms, often accompanying images and descriptions of the Norse storm god Odin. So when some particularly violent tempest appeared, people suggested it was caused by cats (bringing the rain) and dogs (the wind).”

You can read more about my symbols project and see real-life pictures of this beautiful storage box here!

Thanks for joining me on this diary comics project. You can find my daily posts on instagram: #divyams100daysofdiarycomics. And I’ll be back on the blog with more comics next Tuesday. Wishing you all a lovely week!

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