The Lost Girls – a shadow album (Side A)

If you walk the corridors of the magical art school that is Art Witch Academy, you will eventually come to the Broom Closet. This is the place for working with shadows and clearing the dust off of past issues. One of the projects in the Broom Closet this semester is the shadow album, under the expert tutelage of the Mistress of Shadows herself, Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd.

The material for the shadow album is a challenging period you have been through in your life. We are working in accordion albums which, when opened out have two long pages. Each of these long pages becomes a “side” of our album.

I chose to work with a beautiful poem by Linda Hogan called ‘The Lost Girls’ from her collection Dark. Sweet. My theme was about loving and reclaiming parts of myself that I have left behind on my journey through life.

These are the pages from Side A of my shadow album. Each page links to the next, which is hard to show in a series of photos, but perhaps you can see elements creeping over the edges from the neighbouring pages?

I was drawn to work on this first side with really bright and light colours. Bright like a party or festival, bright like sunlight, bright like memories of long golden days. All the words are from the text of Hogan’s ‘The Lost Girls’ (with the exception of the word ‘WOW’ stamped on to one of the pages.)

Thanks for joining me on this journey through Side A of my shadow album. Stay tuned for Side B which I will be posting next week. In the meantime, you can read more about Linda Hogan along with several of her beautiful poems on The Poetry Foundation website.

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