Micro-seasons creative journey — May

May saw me playing around with different styles in my micro-season journal which kept things lively and interesting. Much of this influence came from other projects I am working on: cartoon me crossed over from my 100 days of diary comics; Hundertwasser’s bright colours made an appearance from The Painted Diaries; and later on in the month my sumi ink – also from The Painted Diaries – came to the party. I love it when areas of creativity start to mix and merge!

Purple Tree Flowers (Cyanothus.) So incredible to see this fabulously purple flowering tree in a Kentish Town front garden. Sometimes nature seems to me to be a fantastical stage set, a wonderland. This micro-season, I have felt relaxed and friendly.

(Note: This is the first micro-season I have named myself!)

Well I seemed to have broken out altogether with this micro-season! Giving my own name to the season and employing a completely different style. Hundertwasser was my artist inspiration in The Painted Diaries for May and
it’s not surprising that his wonderful influence is showed itself in my micro-season journal too.

It has rained a lot during these last few days! I’m not too fond of venturing out in a downpour so I stayed indoors making art much of the time. Everything looks so lush and green after the rain. The earth, the trees, the plants, have all had such a good drink!

I keep putting on layers to keep warm and then taking them off again when the sun comes out. Several times a day!

Clematis slowly growing up the fence at the back of the wild garden.

These last few days have felt rather intense, especially in the run up to the full moon in Scorpio on the 18th. Meanwhile the alliums have appeared in the garden like purple planets! I love how each sphere is made up of tiny flowers.

Hawthorn always reminds me of the heart. I did a herbalism course years ago and learned that Hawthorn is healing for the heart. The young Hawthorn tree in the wild garden is flowering. I have felt more in touch with my heart these last few days.

I’ve been especially drawn to oak trees lately. There are a couple of magnificent oaks in our local park. When I walk beneath them, I feel protected, sheltered. I am interested in seeking out the strong places within me. I am looking to the oak for clues.

I’m getting into my sumi ink for The Painted Diaries this month, so I thought I would use it in my nature journal too.

Wishing you all a lovely month of June. I hope you are enjoying nature wherever you are!

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