The Painted Diaries – June (part 1)

A new month has begun  in The Painted Diaries and the theme is mark making. Time to get out my sumi ink and special brush that I have hardly touched since I bought them for a cartooning class three years ago. After so much exuberant colour last month, I’m looking forward to the simplicity of black & white!

This first day, I put on some meditative music and took my brush for a wander around the page. I was amazed how with one dip of the brush, the ink lasted and lasted. This brush has special powers!

Wandering brush


While I would mostly like to work with my bottle of sumi ink, I realised that I need a travel friendly version for when I am out and about. These two pages were made at the doodle cafe with my Pentel brush pen.




Making spirals always makes me think of Lynda Barry. When I attended her ‘Writing the Unthinkable’ workshop back in 2016, we started each session slowly drawing a spiral in our composition books.

Pressing the brush down

I love how the same action creates a very different mark when the brush starts to dry out!

These marks appeared in my doodles while I was on the telephone:

I love the way the brush left its mark at the top of these strokes!

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