100 days of diary comics (week 12)

Lots of traveling around and seeing friends this week! Drawing comic panels containing several people can be tricky but is also lots of fun. Even more challenging for me is drawing animals. Rosie the dog ended up looking like a black furry blob in my solstice night comic. I did slightly better in my beach comic the next day. Lots to learn!

Here are the comics from the last week. Wishing you all a happy summer solstice!

2 Replies to “100 days of diary comics (week 12)”

  1. These are so much fun. Happy Solstice to you, too. We had a fabulous two-hour ritual on the patio of my UU Fellowship. Made a huge Mandala with flowers and other offerings around the fire pit. Maybe 50 people, all ages. It was fabulous. Now I should try to draw a cartoon of it. Barbara in Eureka, Ca.


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    1. Wow your solstice celebration sounds incredible, Barbara! Thanks so much for your lovely message. I’m so glad you are enjoying my comics. If you make a comic of your solstice gathering I’d love to see it!!! Xxx


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