Micro-seasons creative journey – June

This last month it has seemed as though summer is in full bloom! So many beautiful flowers to choose from. And thanks to the advice from artist friends, @mashaivanova9688 and @mercurialmindart, I have discovered PlantSnap app. Now it is so much easier to learn more about the wonders I am seeing each day in the natural world around me.

I love elder flowers. I have taken them to bring down a fever. I have made a syrup from the flowers and berries over several months. They look to me like a splendid crown. They are gentle but strong. They remind me of faeries and wise women.

Elderflowers from the elder trees in our local park.

I’ve been feeling anxious the last few days. Meanwhile, at the front of the house, the lavender is in full bloom. So calming. I’m going to make like a bumblebee and dive straight in! (Bumblebees seem to love lavender and so do I!)

Lavender from our front garden.

So much rain these last few days. I love it! There is something calming, relaxing, and nourishing about it. The plants and trees and flowers are lush and extravagant with moisture and growth. Where did these pink beauties come from?

Astrantia from our back garden.

During this season, I spent a couple of days visiting my BFF up in Leeds. It was so wonderful to drive around the Yorkshire countryside together! We spent many hours in this lovely garden talking and drinking tea. It filled me with a light a joyous feeling.

Begonias from the RHS Gardens Harlow Carr.

It was a wonderful summer solstice, gathering together with a few of the fabulous and magical women from my sister circle.
When I saw the name for this micro-season, I had to laugh; when I was at the end of a long car journey to get to our solstice gathering, I reversed into the corner of a skip, breaking some of my car’s antlers!
Feeling the expansiveness of this time and also a quietness at the heart of it all.

Geraniums from our garden.

The expansiveness at this moment of summer is a big energy. At times I am feeling free. In other moments everything can feel chaotic and overwhelming. I am spending as much time as I can sitting in the calm of the wild garden.

Thank you for joining me on this botanical tour through the micro-seasons of June. I’ll be back with more luscious plants and flowers next month. Wishing you all a lovely July!

2 Replies to “Micro-seasons creative journey – June”

  1. Divyam, I’m loving reading all of your micro-seasons pieces, they really are delightful. What are you going to do with them when the year is over? If you do make a book out of them I’d love to buy one! 🙌👏😍xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Gilly. I’m so glad you are enjoying my nature journal! I haven’t yet thought what I might do with these pieces once the year is done. But I’m so touched that you would buy a book of them! I feel very encouraged! Lots of love 💖 xxx


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