The Painted Diaries – July (Part 1: Earth)

The theme for July in The Painted Diaries is up to each of us to choose! I have decided to focus on the five elements, what they mean to me, and my connection to them. This is potentially a big subject! So to keep it light and doable I am prepping the pages with watercolour backgrounds and questions for reflection. I am also leaving a page at the end of each section for a prayer, spell, ritual or recipe.

These are the questions I will be asking with each element:

  • What does this element mean to me?
  • What are my memories and associations with this element?
  • How am I nourished by this element?
  • How do I connect with this element in my everyday life?
  • What are my magical associations with this element?
  • How can I deepen my connection to this element?

The idea for this month’s theme in began as a seed that was planted at the EarthHeart Wild Woman camp last summer.  Jewels Wingfield was talking about how when we live around the hearth fire, cooking and eating and sharing together, we rekindle an awareness of how the elements are literally keeping us alive.

It’s amazing how easily I forget, living in a city, that earth, water, fire and air are the food I eat, the water I drink, the heat I cook with and warm my house with, the materials that built the house, and the air I breathe. I came home from the Wild Woman camp and made loads of notes. I am drawing on those notes for this project, hoping to create a visual reminder of my relationship to the elements and to deepen my connection to them.

I also have on hand my Enchanted Spell Oracle cards by Priestess Moon and ‘The Holy Wild’ book by Danielle Dulsky (I heard of it through the ever inspiring art witch Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd ) which explores our sacred connection to the elements. I have a feeling I will be dipping into its pages, especially later on in the project when I reach Air and Ether as my notes on these last two elements are quite minimal.

My intention is to try and keep this exploration really simple and stay with what my genuine experience is rather than what’s “supposed to happen”!

During this time while I have been exploring the element of earth, I was taking part in a women’s training at EarthHeart UK. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I created these pages before heading off on my journey as I didn’t know how much time I would have for art journaling while I was there.

I left the last page empty so I that my spell, recipe or prayer would be infused with my time spent close to the earth. However, since returning, I have come down with a cold and feel that my spell-making powers are running low. So I’m going to post these pages today and return to create a spell or recipe when I am feeling better.

In the meantime, I will move on to the next element in my journal: water!

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