The Painted Diaries – July (Part 2: Water)

The timing for each of the elements in my Painted Diaries exploration this month seems to be spot on. Last week, while I was working with the Earth element, I found myself out on the land at EarthHeart, in the beautiful Forest of Dean. This week, as I’ve been exploring my relationship with the element of Water, I’ve had a streaming cold. While I was making the pages, I sat at my desk with steam from my essential oil diffuser billowing around me. It was all very atmospheric!

Here are the watery pages from the last few days. I hope you enjoy them. And I hope they inspire you to wonder: what does the element of Water mean to you?

I love how, while many of the associations with the elements seem obvious, there are always ones that take me by surprise. For example: laughter. Who knew that it might be connected to Water? It seems that for me it is. I am now thinking of all sorts of ways to bring more laughter into my life.

Current ideas: Hang out with girl friends, watch comedy movies, and be silly! Do you have any suggestions of how to laugh more?

Note: Sealskin, Soulskin is a wonderful selkie folktale which I read in Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ magnificent book, Women Who Run With The Wolves.

‘Ideas, creativity, life itself thrives on moisture.’

– Estés, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola. Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype (p. 275).

These last two pages were originally meant to be a space to write a prayer, recipe, ritual or invocation. Instead I found myself wanting to make these statements. I had not yet included sensitivity and knowing as qualities associated with Water. Suddenly they struck me as two of the most important ones! So it feels right to devote lots of space to each of them.

Wishing you all a lovely week. Next up: Fire!

7 Replies to “The Painted Diaries – July (Part 2: Water)”

  1. I find myself wondering if you know the great Kate Wolf song, Medicine Wheel? It calls in the elements of the four directions.

    When the morning breaks and the sunlight warms my soul In the East the Eagle flies, and the Red Tail proudly soars I’m on my way to the place of the spirit one Grandfather hear me now, I am on fire Let the sundance guide my feet to your desire Show me visions for my eyes And words like gold that shimmer in the sun Hyi-ah, hyi-ah, hyi-ah When the sun goes down and it grows too dark to see I look within to the Shaman’s mysteries I’m on my way to die and live again Grandmother Earth I cry, give me rest I take my place with the woman in the West Show me the Raven and the Bear The way of herbs and the black obsidian Hyi-ah, hyi-ah, hyi-ah Turn toward the South, like the water I will run In innocence and trust the Moonchild’s song is sung I’m on my way to the place of the sacred plants My emotions and my will at their command Where the Turtle’s voice is heard upon the land The wise Coyote prowls The Rattlesnake will call me to the dance Hyi-ah, hyi-ah, hyi-ah In the deepest night the stars watch over me Old Woman of the North my mind seeks clarity I’m on my way to the place of the Northern winds Let the Thunder and the Lightning carry me Lay my thoughts to rest and send me into sleep With the Hawk and the Buffalo My dreams white crystal magic medicine Hyi-ah, hyi-ah, hyi-ah Hyi-ah, hyi-ah…


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  2. That was strange. When I copied that song in from the internet, it didn’t let me re-enter the message to sign it. Anyway.

    I use that song, but I sing it around the circle, starting with East, then South, West and North. I think she wrote it East, West, South and North, which doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Do you all sing songs when you’re at Earth Heart? I’d bet it’s one you have heard from there.

    Thank you for water today, Divyam.

    Much love from coastal northern California.


    > Jul 12, 2019,

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