The Painted Diaries – July (Part 3: Fire)

It was pretty intense catching up with The Painted Diaries last week. As I was getting over my summer cold, I felt as though I was submerged in water. It has felt good to warm things up as I moved on to the next element: Fire!

What does the element of Fire mean to you?

For some reason, when it came to the page about deepening my connection to the element of Fire, I drew a blank! Perhaps there is not enough fire in my life at the moment? Big thanks to arty friends Courtney Rider, Sarah Rondon, Jess McMillan, Michelle Johnson, and Lynda Bassett for brainstorming with me on the artists hangout about how to deepen the connection with Fire.

I had originally thought the last page of each element would be for a recipe, spell, or ritual. But it seems to have become the perfect space for a simple statement such as this one.

It has been a lot of fun exploring the element of Fire. Onwards to the light and spacious realms of the element of Air!

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