The Painted Diaries – July (Part 4: Air)

After cramming so many ideas and associations into the pages of the first three elements, things have suddenly got a whole lot more spacious. With the element of air comes lots of space and lightness. I left out the page headings as they suddenly felt too cumbersome for this element. What a breath of fresh air!

A huge thank you to my wonderful arty friends, @one.good.girl @knittyscrapper @jessariels.canvas@sjrondon and @lynda1655 for ideas of how to portray the element of Air, in particular this lettering where only the shadow of each letter is drawn, keeping the letters themselves buoyant as if they are floating off the page.

How are you nourished by the element of Air and how do you connect with it in everyday life?

I love the space and lightness of these pages brought to me.

What are you magical associations with the element of Air and how can you deepen your connection to it?

I forgot how much I love gazing up at the clouds, seeing shapes that slowly appear and then disappear and become something new…

A few parting words from the element of Air…

Thanks for breezing by to check out this airy element. Next up: Ether!

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