The Painted Diaries – July (Part 5: Ether)

What an incredible journey it has been through each of the five elements. My pages for the first three elements of Earth, Water, and Fire all seemed to be jam packed with information and associations. With last week’s exploration of the element of Air, things suddenly became more spacious and buoyant.

As I came to the last element – Ether – my pages became even more boundless and mysterious. I was no longer following the list of questions about the element. Even so, my first page was a list of some of the associations I have with this mysterious element:

Ether makes me think of a sense of our path or destiny. There is a bigger picture and, at the same time, we are writing our own stories every moment of every day:

I had left one of my Earth pages blank due to the fact that I had a cold at the time and needed a little extra energy to come up with a spell or recipe. As the project progressed, these ending pages became a place for a simple statement or reflection about the element in question.

I returned to the element of Earth with one of my favourite songs which I learned at EarthHeart UK. It felt perfect to have something to bring me back down to earth after flying amongst the stars!

In conclusion I wanted to create a page that brings all the elements together. I couldn’t resist playing with Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ for this one!

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey through the elements. I’ll be back in a few days with next month’s Painted Diaries theme: swatching our art materials!

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