Micro-seasons creative journey – July

Following along with the abundance of nature in July’s Micro-seasons journal has been a luscious experience. It has been hard to choose a single plant or flower when I am surrounded by this cornucopia of colours, shapes, and perfumes!

Foxgloves in the forest at EarthHeart

I spent most of this micro-season at EarthHeart UK in the beautiful Forest of Dean (Where these regal foxgloves were growing). We ate our meals round the camp-fire and gathered at night under the stars. This felt like deep summer for me. So much joy and togetherness and peacefulness too.

Echinacea from the garden

This week I’ve had a summer cold and I’ve been taking regular swigs of echinacea root tincture. It is perfect timing that these beautiful echinacea flowers have been blooming in my garden. Thank you, wise plant, for helping to boost my immune system!

Crocosima ‘Lucifer’ from the garden

Whaaaaat! Look at these incredible flowers! Isn’t it interesting that such outrageousness can only be attributed to the Devil? Other options spring to mind such as ‘Wild Passion Flower’ or ‘Flaming Ruby Flower’. As for me, I’ve been getting over the last of my summer cold. (Sounds slightly less exotic!)

Peonies – a birthday gift from a dear friend

This young hawk had her birthday! My dear friend, Nela, bought me some peonies — my favourite flower!

Red Clover from the wild garden

We had a heatwave this week. For 3 days I couldn’t think clearly about anything. Then the rains came. What a relief! These clover flowers in the wild garden feel simple and kind.

Thanks for coming along with me on this journey through the micro-seasons. Have you fallen in love with any particular plants or flowers this month?

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