The Painted Diaries – August (part 1)

A new month means a new theme in The Painted Diaries and this month is all about swatching our art supplies. This might be the most relaxing thing EVER and perfect for restoring a sense of order to the universe. First up: watercolours!

I switched some of the colours in the Winsor and Newton mini palette to create my own selection of favourites.

I’m noticing as I do my swatching that all my yellows are almost gone. I guess I love yellow! What’s your first colour to disappear?

I love the vibrant colours of this Koi Sakura set:

Note: the Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolour Studio set is incomplete because I stole some of the colours to put in my mini travel palette.

For some reason I didn’t measure the little gouache squares out so well and I found the haphazard result a bit disturbing. It made me realise how much I am enjoying bringing order to the universe through doing these swatches. I resolved from here on in to be sure to get my ruler out…

A tight squeeze to fit all these wonderful Neocolor II water-soluble wax pastels onto the page. I love the intense colour of these crayons. But it’s always good to have a mini set to carry with me when I’m out and about:

My favourite washi tapes are the ones with moons and planets and astronauts.

Posca paint pens have become my staple art supply lately. I love the vibrancy of the Ecoline markers but find they aren’t as water-soluble as I hoped they’d be. I don’t use them as much as I could…

More felt tips! The Tombow dual brush pens are my favourites. They blend with water really well. There is a pointy end but I never use them so it’s no surprise that I left that bit out completely. The Crayola Supertips are much better quality than I expected them to be. The colours are really vibrant and they blend well with water too (though not as good as the Tombows!)

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