Prayer bowls

I’ve been thinking about prayer bowls lately – their beauty and simplicity – and so I returned to an Art Witch Academy seminar by Emily Mulroney on creating our own libation bowls out of clay. I haven’t worked with clay since I was at school! It was fun in some moments and frustrating in others. I’m loving the perfectly imperfect way they turned out. Here are the bowls as they were slowly drying out which took two or three days.

While the bowls were drying, I worked on the following page, inspired by the ‘Art journaling as spellwork’ seminar with Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd at Art Witch Academy . The bowl image is inspired by the incantation bowls I have seen while researching Lilith and the ancient goddess. I wrote my prayers around the inside of the prayer bowl (it was quite a personal prayer so I have pixelated the writing for the purposes of sharing).

The two hands are Hamsa’s — Jewish and Middle Eastern good luck symbols in the shape of a hand.

The Hamsa often has an eye at the centre of the palm. I included this, instead, in the centre of my bowl to tie them all together.

The marks coming up from the fingers signify an ancient language and also smoke rising up from an offering of incense to the divine.

I’m so delighted with how the finished bowls came out. They are almost like 3D inspirations rising up out of my art journal page:

When I originally made the blue bowl, it seemed to so rough and irregular. Now that the bowl is finished, I love the way the texture creates a feel that is both earthy and heartful. It also feels wonderful to make some art outside of my art journal!

4 Replies to “Prayer bowls”

  1. There’s something very satisfying about working with and making objects in clay especially when you get to finish them as beautifully as you have done. I was going to say that I loved the blue/turquoise one the best but the gold finish to your second one is fabulous. You are clever! 🙌👏😊xx

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